22 July 2008

Independent's Day

Ever thought about striking out on your own?

* What are the advantages and disadvantages of being independent?
* How do I go about it?
* When do I write to URSSAF?
* How much does it cost to start my own independent teaching service?
* I don't know anything about accounting, can I still do it?
* What are the alternatives?

Bethany Cagnol will share her experience with us in what promises to be a very informative and lively discussion.

Saturday, October 25th 2008
Université de Grenoble
This workshop is free to all TESOL France members.

Here's a little preview:

Working under a CDD / CDII contract and being an independent are already very similar. Here's why:
*We are used to fluctuating salaries;
*We are used to looking for that next 20- to 40-hour gig;
*We are familiar with fluctuating demand;
*We are used to juggling different timetables;
*We are natural multi-taskers;
*We, who are foreigners, know the joy of dealing with the French administration;
*We have job security through endless teaching opportunities;
*If you are good, word gets out.

What does it take to be independent?
* Patience * Meticulous Organization * Creativity * Tough gut
* Determination * Functional French * Pride + Ego * Humbleness
* If applicable, a supportive spouse, ideally French speaking

For those of you who are already independent: Do you agree with the above?
We also want to hear from those of you who have ever thought about striking out on your own.