19 August 2010

David Crystal Spotted! Language Change on the Internet

BBC's technology reporter, recently wrote an article on how language changes thanks to the internet. (full article here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-10971949).

We at TESOL France think this article is pretty cool.  For one thing, wouldn't it be great to chat with your students about language change? Are they adopting any of the new words used today?  Can they identify any borrowings from English or other languages?  Do they use "bling?"

Secondly, the article cites David Crystal, honorary professor of linguistics at the University of Bangor, and future TESOL France Plenary Speaker (November 26-28, 2010). So, if you are curious about what Crystal thinks about language change, then check out this article before coming to our conference.

See you in November!