18 October 2012

November Conference preview 9

 What’cha  Lis’nin  2?  

                  Taking music from the CD to CDA
     Julia Alivertis                           and                       Jeffrey Doonan

             Saturday  17th November  10-11am,  Room  Opale

   “Each utterance is filled with echoes and  reverberations of other utterances.”   -Bakhtin

Music is a big part of our students’ lives, but how much of it do they really understand, comprehend? 

In this workshop we aim to take the music from simple listening pleasure to a deeper level of understanding through an analysis of what the lyrics “say” with Critical Discourse Analysis, providing ready-to-use examples. 

Join us if you believe in the power of music and if you agree that although teaching  teenagers and young adults can be challenging at times, it is also fascinating and rewarding, full of interaction and fun.