29 January 2009

Jeremy Harmer's Coming to Paris!

We're thrilled to announce that Jeremy Harmer has just accepted TESOL France's invitation to be the Plenary Speaker at our June Day. We will be devoting the entire event to Teacher Development (the before, during, and after of being a teacher).

The all-day event will take place on June 20th. So, mark your calendars!

Check out Harmer's website: http://www.jeremy-harmer.com
Harmer's well-known for his books on teaching English (The Practice of English Language Teaching) as well as his insightful and interactive seminars on teacher development.

More info will be available in the coming weeks on the blog and website. So, stay tuned everybody!

27 January 2009

Compagnie OZ Draw First Blood

I attended a marvelous 'Dracula' yesterday, masterfully produced and executed by Compagnie OZ who featured in the last edition of Teaching Times.
Produced specially for school-age learners of English, the cast were wonderful, the audience of teachers loved it and I saw bookings galore being made at the end of the performance.

There were only three actors, but they swapped roles at the drop of a fang and their enthusiasm and ingenuity were contagious.

My next step will be to persuade them to work with me on some of my Mega Minute videos, but in the meantime I really recommend you book them for your school (I heard figures of 150 pupils minimum and €9 per pupil being mentioned for Paris and suburbs but you'd have to contact them directly to confirm that).

The contact details are:

Michèle Mathieu
20 rue des Thermopyles
75014 Paris
01 45 43 05 26
Have fun and do let us know what you and your students thought after the performance!