9 November 2012

Conference Programme

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7 November 2012

November conference preview 13

Maria Heron

Speaking on Sunday 18th at 11.10am
Room: Estaunie

If you find it difficult to get your students to speak in the classroom or you need some new ideas for speaking activities, come to my session on Sunday 18th at 11.10 in Estaunie.  It’s a practical session where you will get the chance to try out a range of my favourite speaking activates.  You will leave with lots of new ideas to try out in the classroom on Monday morning!


This hands-on workshop will give the participants the opportunity to try out a range of communicative speaking activities which will give their learners the chance to become more fluent and confident.  They will also have the opportunity to discuss how the activities can be adapted to their own contexts, and look at what changes may be appropriate for different levels of language learner and areas of interest.
The workshop will start by evaluating some speaking activities and deciding what elements of designing, managing and reflecting makes such activities successful.  We will also look at what the teacher’s role in such activities is and the extent to which this changes with different types of learner.
The audience will then have the chance to try out different activities which focus on personalisation and move from controlled to free. Depending on time, the workshop will include some of the following:

·        Communicative Activities – for example, information or opinion gap activities.

·        Mingling Activities – for example, getting to know each other or collecting data.

·        Pyramid discussions – for example dessert island or balloon type debates.

The workshop will finish with a chance for teachers to ask questions and share their own experiences and issues.