6 October 2012

November conference preview 6

Surefire Activities to Get Your Students to Speak

Yeşim Çakır    Istanbul Technical University    Istanbul, Turkey

Saturday, November 17     11.15-12.15

Do you have students who are...

Join my workshop to find fun and creative activities to boost their speaking confidence! ...........

1 October 2012

November conference preview 5

The Power of the Image

Paul Dummett Cenage / National Geographic Learning  Oxford,  UK

Friday, November 16     18.15-19.15 

How much do you make use of Images in your teaching?...

Join my workshop to find out how powerful and generative a teaching tool images can be.

30 September 2012


It was announced yesterday that the French government wants to cancel the Autoentrepreneur status.

As most of us ELT teachers are AE, it means we will have to register as a company and probably pay higher tax and possibly at a fixed rate regardless of how much we earn. I'm no Economist but this is seriously bad news for the teaching industry. As French unis and schools are reliant on AE employees, well, they are going to have problems and we teachers will need to earn a lot more than we do now.

Check out the full story here:


And sign the petition here: