20 July 2008

Teaching Tips: Site Pal

Hello Again,

I've had many requests for the web addresses of the interesting resources I mentioned during my talk at the TESOL France - Best of BESIG day back in June.

So, as promised, I'm starting a series where I introduce them to those of you who weren't able to make it to Bethany's 'BOB' day and who, nevertheless would be interested in knowing more...

My first offering is the really cool Site Pal web site, which is a really funny and funky site which offers something genuinely intriguing for free.

You can use it in any lesson with your student(s) if you have an internet connection, or amuse yourself by creating messages and exercises for your students to do between sessions.

Here you can see one of the ways in which I exploit Site Pal. I create short listening exercises with the script on my teaching blog. I've included two examples - click on the images to listen:

As you can see, it's fun and motivating - when I showed it to one of my private students - the boss of a car company - he decided to use it for an amusing motivational new year message for his entire sales force. You can create a quick message for free.

Post comments if you need more info.