31 August 2008

Poster Sessions at the Annual Colloquium

At this year's Annual Colloquium (7-8 November 2008, in Paris), TESOL France is offering you the chance to present a poster session. Not sure what it's all about? – Read on …

A poster session is a presentation format with the following characteristics:

1. A small, relatively restricted topic or theme that can be introduced and explained in a short time
2. A poster (about 24" x 36") sitting on an easel that presents the most important points of the topic
3. A knowledgeable person who provides a short overview of the topic and answers questions
4. A handout that participants can pick up that contains additional references, links and information

Why give a poster session?

* It's a more informal way of delivering a presentation
* It's a quick and efficient means of communicating classroom / academic research or new ELT materials, etc.,
* It enables the presenter to have access to a wider audience
* It puts the emphasis on conversation among small groups of people.
* It encourages delegates to contribute their own experiences,
* It's a fluid format that is becoming increasingly popular at many professional conferences, blurring the line between the expert and the novice,
* It offers an initial presentation opportunity for a teacher wishing to participate in an international conference.

Why attend a poster session?

* It provides a greater diversity of topics to be presented in a shorter space of time
* It's a more informal means of viewing a variety of topics
* It allows delegates time to study and restudy the information presented
* It enables interaction directly with the presenter

When do poster sessions take place?

* Poster sessions will be allocated specific time slots during the TESOL France Annual Colloquium schedule – 30 minutes on Friday 7th Nov and 30 minutes on Saturday 8th Nov.
* Details about each poster session and their presenters will appear in the Colloquium Programme and on the TESOL France website, www.tesol-france.org

How can I take part in a poster session at this year's TESOL France Annual Colloquium?

Send the following to Ros Wright, ros_wright@hotmail.com by 30th September 2008:

1. a proposal (100 words max) describing the poster you wish to present
2. the dimensions of your poster
3. a biodata (100 words max)

Successful presenters will be notified by 5th October 2008