24 September 2008

The Teaching Times Word Quiz - Issue 51

The Wicked Word Quiz: 6 of the Best!

Win one of these superb advanced learners dictionaries from our generous sponsors:

Cambridge University Press
Heinle ELT
Pearson Longman

Oxford University Press will be coming on board next issue too!

Simply do your best to answer the questions below and four of you will win one of these great books. Send your answers to quiz@hotchpotchenglish.com and tell us which dictionary you'd prefer (but we can't guarantee you'll get it!).

Tell your friends and colleagues too please - and good luck!

Question 1
Translate this traditional French verse into Ingleeshh:

Un petit d'un petit
S'étonne aux Halles;
Un petit d'un petit
Ah! Degrés falles.

Question 2
What's a boustropheden? This is... (but can you explain how it works?)

must so plough oxen the
this be read As a pinball
rink tilted its down runs
and away with your money
words few these wind so
Wrestler thrown across the
rope to rope from ring
Wool unravelling Coil
skeltering Helter unwinding
Staircase spiralling Tiring
furrowing Brow Boring
Field unzipping
ox old Poor

Question 3
What is found between a hanging post and a banging post?

Question 4
Do you know which animals these pleasingly arcane words refer to?

a) ursine b) equine c) asinine d) saurian e) murine f) simian g) hirudinal h) hircine i) soricine j) corvine k) lupine l) ovine m) aquiline n) leporine o) leonine

Question 5
Name the musical origins of these famous food references:

- cool cherry cream, a nice apple tart
- tangerine trees, marmalade skies
- semolina pilchard

Question 6
Name ten everyday parts of the body with three letters - no slang or vulgarity pleeezzz!

Special Bonus Question
What does the name of this quiz, 'Six of the Best', originally refer to? Clue: something we would never do today, I'm quite sure!

Don't forget: send your answers to quiz@hotchpotchenglish.com - Don't post them here!

I'll post the answers (and the winners) on this blog before the next issue of Teaching Times comes out in November.