26 September 2008

Blog Big-up!

As I type these words late on the eve of my Web 2.0 for Dummies (and English teachers) workshop, your latest issue of Teaching Times should be winging its way towards you (if you're a TESOL France member, that is).

Or maybe you picked a copy up at last Saturday's successful Cambridge Day event, where it was snapped up by lots of people, along with plenty of copies of Teaching Times 50, my first attempt.

So thank you to all who showed an interest in the TESOL stand, and a big welcome to our new members from that event too. Why not leave a comment here to say 'Hi' and introduce yourselves?

I was able to get at least three or four new contributors to the next issue of the magazine, so I'm well satisfied with that outcome.

I'm now preparing myself mentally and informatically for my workshop tomorrow, which aims to offer some in-depth insights into some of the great websites out there which we can exploit immediately in our English classes and hopefully impress our students to boot.

The plan for the afternoon is flexible, but roughly as follows:

1.45 pm - Registration, mingle and joint prayer that the internet connection works
2.00 pm - Introduction and presentation of useful and innovative websites
2.45 pm - In-depth discussion on specific websites of particular interest to attendees
3.30 pm - Coffee break
3.45 pm - Creation of new activities and sharing of personal favourites in small groups
4.15 pm - Presentation of ideas and personal techniques to group and general questions
5.00 pm - Fond farewells

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow if you're coming, and any comments on the latest magazine and ideas for future articles (and potential contributors) would be welcome too.