27 December 2012

The Language Point’s Top Five of 2012

There was an article in the last issue of Teaching Times about a new lesson share website called The Language Point. It's a great place to share your lessons with other teachers. Here's Marie O'Sullivan from The Language Point to present her fave lessons from 2012:

The Language Point’s Top Five of 2012

I’m a bit of a pushover for those end of year lists, so when The LanguagePoint was invited to share its top EFL resources from the past year, I couldn’t resist!

We love receiving great resources to share with other teachers, so we regularly choose an item uploaded at The LanguagePoint, and reward its creator with an Amazon voucher for €50.

We took a look back at our first year in operation, and here (in alphabetical order!) are our top five shared ELT resources for 2012:

  • The Art of Winemaking - Gary Jones records interviews with native English speakers for his resources, and this one is a fascinating look at the wine industry.
  • ColdplayVicky Loras loves Coldplay and loves using different types of text with her classes – what better than song lyrics from her favourite band?!
  • Eurovision Song ContestA reading/discussion lesson about why we love and hate the Eurovision Song Contest, by Phil Wade.  It is a real ‘Marmite’ event, isn’t it? I love it!
  • Interviews: Ask me a Question – Students often find asking questions difficult, so Carlos Eduardo Santanna de Souza Silva shared these activities to make practising more fun.
  • Place hacking the London Shard - reading, speaking and vocabulary activities based on an article about people climbing the London Shard building, by Mura Nava. The building officially opens to the public in February, so it’s a topical theme.

For the coming year, why not think about sharing one of your favourite resources at The LanguagePoint?  Not only could you win yourself a little treat, but you could make our list for next year!

Everyone at The LanguagePoint wishes you a very happy and successful 2013!